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Record Your Past To Protect Your Future

In-vehicle cameras help you keep an accurate record of driver activity, so you can have a safer fleet out on the road and the peace of mind that comes with running a secure business.

In-Vehicle Cameras

Translogic Tech cameras pack a ton of features into the body of just one small device.  Installing a camera is easy and you will be up and running quickly.  Supplied software helps you view and manage all of the footage and data that the camera collects, helping you make new decisions about driver safety and efficiency.

SSD4 Dome Camera
Potential savings on commercial insurance premiums
Vehicle crashes caused by driver inattention
Reduction in driver accident rates when cameras in use
Security boosting features packed into one small device

Included Software: Manage Camera Data All In One Place

The software that comes with our cameras makes managing all of your camera footage a breeze.  Plus, you can see a ton of other information related to the footage.  Driver speed, location, and more are all displayed intuitively alongside video footage so that you can gain insights into your fleets operations.

Camos Software

Essential Accessories:  Camera Tech Made Easy

Our camera systems are loaded with useful features and each unit comes with everything you need to get started included in the box.  From there, additional options are available if you need to customize usage for your fleet.


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