FAQ Page

We recommend the following

• SanDisk Ultra  16GB SDXC

• SanDisk Extreme U46 32GB SDXC

• SanDisk Extreme U46 64GB SDXC

We recommend B&H photo for their wide range of available memory cards and competitive pricing

If there is no INCIDENT the camera will purge the oldest video (overwrite).

No, the camera has no delete option, the operator will have to use the viewer to delete the incident on the SD card.

The camera will record the last minute before the accident as an INCIDENT and will continue to record another full minute after the power dies. The last 2 minutes will be an incident.


Yes, the camera has a parking mode, camera can run continuously whether the car is on or off.

It really depends on what type of camera you choose, the basic product has 2 wires so it is really straight forward. We also have partners in most states that can install your cameras for you.

Yes we do. We have a safety shield option that can be purchased separately.  The shield protects the power and the SD card. The shield uses a key that we will provide upon purchasing one.

Having a proof of any incident shortens the time of research which means saving time and money for the insurance company. This will also prevent insurance fraud.

Any driver should have an in-vehicle camera, in most cases people can get a discount on their insurance company if a camera is installed in their vehicle.

A G-Force sensor is a dangerous driving recognition system that records high speed turns, hard braking, rapid acceleration, vehicle impact (to another vehicle, object, animal or human), erratic lane changing.